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The DOI Bookmarklet opens access-restricted documents (like scientific journals) by redirecting through a ProQuest EZproxy as used by many university libraries.


Enter your ProQuest EZproxy URL:

Bookmark the following link: DOI Bookmarklet

The bookmarklet consists of the following JavaScript minified:

(function() {
    var proxyUrl = "";
    var selection = document.getSelection ? document.getSelection().toString() : document.selection.createRange().text;
    var regex = /\w?(?:doi:|hdl:(?:\/\/)?)\s*([0-9./a-z]+)\w?/i;
    var match = regex.exec(selection);
    if (match != null) {
        var doi = match[1];
        var tempAnchor = document.createElement('a');
        tempAnchor.href = proxyUrl;
        document.location = tempAnchor.protocol + '//' + + '/' + doi;

How it works

The bookmarklet searches the currently selected text for a DOI (beginning with doi: or hdl:) and routes the subsequent request to through the specified proxy.


Public Domain Mark

This work is free of known copyright restrictions.